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in 2022 Small Business Websites arent being "Designed" like they were a long time ago.   Back in the day they were designed from scratch and it was a trainwreck of a system because you had no clue how the site was going to look and by the time your "designer" go to the end it didnt look good at all and you were looking for another "designer" or "developer" for a redo.   Nowadays everyone from small business to multi billion dollar corporations are using CMS (Content Management Systems) and the Top 3 are Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal.  We find great success with Joomla from the system itself to manipulating it for our focal needs being SEO (Search Engine Eoptimization) which at the end of the day is all that matters!  Getting your website found so that you get calls/visits and sales! 

We build Organic Digital Marketing Presentations that last a long time.

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