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Stopping The Marketer Spiral

As small business owners we are always trying to grow our brand, get more calls which leads to more sales and overall success for our business.   We find a marketing guy, company, or service to help us.   They sell us on their service and their process and we are sold on them... Then they either do a good job or a bad job but nothing ever lasts forever and eventually, you are forced to scramble and find someone else.  You are then left in the same spot once again and you are paying to start all over once again.  This is what we call the "Marketing Spiral" and while we also will not be here forever we do things the right way!  We follow our process which is a proven process that we have created based on 1,000's of clients serviced over the last 20 years.   

We have learned by failure which is how we all learn as humans.  We will lead you down the right path, we will be honest and blunt with you the entire way and when you do leave us for whatever reason you will not have to start over.  The reason we are focused on this is because we have been there ourselves on the business owners side and its crap situation which our goal is to never let this happen to you again.